December 20

Good Morning. Another beautiful day paradise, it's 28ºC and still slightly overcast at 8:30 in the morning. Beautiful cloud banks hovering over bay.

Today is the first day where we have absolutely nothing to do – no errands to run, no tasks to take care of, no places to go. It's probably been two months since that last happened.

In fact we don't even have a car – the rental was picked up yesterday, and ours doesn't arrive till Tuesday or Wednesday. We're literally "stuck" here in Blue Bay, between a view and a nice beach. So it's finally time to relax for a few days and enjoy ourselves. Which for me includes diving into work and getting some solid stuff done ;).

The top picture is the view off of the back of our apartment, from the stair case. You can see a beautiful range of the island, with the lights of Santa Maria on the left and the Curaçao oil refinery (which some would consider an eye sore, but i think looks and fits in there beautifully surreally, both at night and during the day) in the center.


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