December 14

Overcast here on the island, with a chilly 27ºC. Time to get out those winter clothes.

We had a relaxing first weekend, with a trip to the Pirate Bay beach at Piscadera (our go-to beach from our last vacation, but quite a bit of a drive from where we are staying right now) yesterday; first time we actually managed to get into the ocean since arriving, and thus well over-due.

Pirate Bay is a great beach with a great bar and beach restaurant attached. I cannot recommend the Stoba Beef Stew Sub strongly enough, and their dinner offerings are also superb.

I finally got a chance to test my water-proof Nikon 1 AW1, and am very happy with the results so far. Expect more photos from future snorkeling expeditions.

Today we'll need to continue looking for a car (easier said than done, especially when you're as knowledgable about cars as we are and on a budget), and tomorrow we'll finally get to move into our apartment. An exciting week ahead!


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