December 6

Beautiful weather here on the morning of day two, with 28ºC, blue skies and strong wind.

We’re staying at De Plantage, a quaint little apartment complex a bit in the middle of no-where, while we’re looking for an actual place to rent longer term. It’s small and beautiful, even if the WiFi is a bit flaky and does not quite reach our apartment enough to be usable. (I’m told that will be fixed Monday. Welcome to island life ;).

Great dinner of Ribs, Steak and Fried Yuca (a favorite) and Strawberry Daiquiris at the Zest Beach Grill last night, with feet in the sand and the surf a mere few meters away.

Today it’s Sunday, so time to relax from the stresses of the past weeks and the long flight, and to get re-acquainted with the island – before things get buys again tomorrow.


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