May 5

Some more pink flamingos, from my May First walk to Kokomo. »

February 29

Overcast but warm on this leap day, with impressive cloudscapes overhead. »

February 14

Happy Hallmark Day, everyone. Today is starting out at a nice and cool 27°C, with an expected high of 31°c. Light clouds and a »

January 15, 2016

Cool morning here on the island, with absolutely stunning pre-sunrise cloudscapes. Some light rain and 27°C. To the day one month after moving into our »

December 21

Some light rain during the night, and the day was off to an overcast start, but the sun has come out to make it beautiful as »

December 20

Good Morning. Another beautiful day paradise, it's 28ºC and still slightly overcast at 8:30 in the morning. Beautiful cloud banks hovering over bay. Today is »

December 17

Beautiful day here on the island, and the first to start with us awaking properly (mostly) settled in our new apartment. Some clouds and light rain »

December 14

Overcast here on the island, with a chilly 27ºC. Time to get out those winter clothes. We had a relaxing first weekend, with a trip to »

December 11

28°C and a bit overcast today, which is perfect, because it seems I managed to get the start of a sunburn yesterday afternoon, while doing »

December 10

Gorgeous day, at 29ºC with an expected high of 33ºC and clear blue skies. In case you were wondering. »

December 9

A beautiful morning here on Curaçao, with 27ºC, blue skies and a very strong breeze. Looking forward to high of 30º. Yesterday has been an incredibly »